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Driving videos and video blogs

The videos and video blogs on this page will give you an insight into how real life and more importantly, competent instruction is all about.

I’ll be uploading driving videos and video blogs, covering key issues such as lessons, car control and more.

Over the years, I have come across a range of students who have experienced various issues with previous instructors. The majority of these problems arise from:

Poor planning of lessons
Haphazard instruction
Course syllabus not followed
Individual pupil’s needs not recognised
Lack of car control
This page gives an insight into how these problems arise and how I deal with them to ensure you become a safe driver. Click on the video links opposite and below to find out

Browse and Enjoy!

Kwaw Elliott, at your service.

Affordable driving lessons

You can now learn to drive at extremely competitive prices. Please see the price page.

You can even make block bookings to enjoy discounts!

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