Are you ready to take your
practical driving test?

The practical test ensures that you can drive safely and confidently in different road and traffic conditions and that you are well aware of The Highway Code. With my driving lessons, you’ll soon have the confidence to take your practical driving test. Here are a few testimonials that show how my lessons have helped past pupils to become confident drivers.

Testimonials on Volta Driving School


Sophie, Reading, November 2018

“At first, I didn’t really know of any instructors in Reading who had good prices and didn’t really have anyone recommended to me. My boyfriend had recommended Kwaw as he had recently passed first time with him and had mentioned him highly to me. From the very start, Kwaw shared knowledge with myself of which I thought I knew but didn’t. It wasn’t just learning how to drive, but the knowledge that came with it in order to help me and it helped me a lot.

I highly recommend Kwaw as he is patient and goes through each section of driving step by step. This was good because I wasn’t rushing anything but I was learning within a good length of time. Another great thing was prices. Kwaw does great deals if you book your lessons in blocks, so it’s cheaper over time.

Finally, a few days ago, I passed my test first time with only 2 minors and I think that just explains how great of an instructor Kwaw is. Would highly recommend to anyone.”


Shibo, October 2018

“When I first saw on Yelp that this driving school has 85% 1st time passing rate, I didn’t believe it. But honestly, Kwaw is the best driving instructor I’ve ever met. He explains things to you in a systematic manner and let me learn from every mistake. He doesn’t only make you pass your test 1st time but also makes you a safe and responsible driver. Thank you so much Kwaw, I really appreciate all the help you’ve given me”

Miguel, September 2018

“Volta is simply the best driving school in Reading. Special mention to Kwaw his professionalism is unquestionable. He is an experienced instructor who has no boundaries in sharing knowledge on how to deal with the roads intelligently and safely, efficient in showing best practices in every situation. I will definitely recommend Volta to my friends and relatives.

Thanks again Kwaw for all the learnings you shared and for helping me pass my test.

More power to Volta Driving School!”


Megan, Reading, May 2017

“I highly recommend Volta to all student drivers. I actually switched from my first instructor to Volta and did not regret my decision!”

Ola, Theale, June 2016

“Highly recommend I passed my test first time! Kwaw gave me all the knowledge and confidence I needed and has changed my life now I can drive.”

Joanna, Reading, January 2018

“Not knowing where to find a good instructor in town I turned to one of those big driving schools. After a few failed attempts I decided to turn to Volta driving school. I drove for a decade in another country before and some bad habits die hard. It was an eye-opening to have Kwaw transferring knowledge of safe driving methodologically and visually. With markers and drawings, I took in the lessons much more effectively as I am a visual learner. Kwaw talks about knowledge as power, and with good knowledge, you become a better driver. I highly recommend Volta Driving School.”

Marcia, Reading, April 2015

“The lessons I had with you was so different from my previous instructor. I now know what I am doing behind the wheel. Thanks.”

Agnes - Reading, January 2015

“I had been driving on an International licence….. scared of taking the test. I am glad I had you as my instructor. You gave me a good chance which resulted in my passing first time.”

Alison, Pangbourne, March 2014

“Thank you for your patience throughout. I will surely recommend you to all my colleagues.”

Lorna, Caversham, October 2014

“It was very short from start to test day. I felt confident throughout my learning. A good teacher and very punctual.”

Josh, Lower Basildon, May 2013

“I thoroughly enjoyed my training. Pass Plus was also very good. I gained a good insight into driving after passing my test………. not to mention the reduction in insurance. I was able to get my Golf 1.9TDI. Thanks”

Zoe, Charvil, March 2008

“Cheers Kwaw, I won the bet against my Mum. She dared me not to pass the first time”

Sheila, Shinfield, February 2010

” I learnt a lot more than just to pass my test. You were very patient and explained driving very well to me. Thanks a lot.”

Imad, Reading, August 2010

“Thank you for your patience. Your professionalism is second to none. I will certainly recommend you to everyone. Cheers Kwaw.”

Jodi, Reading, February 2009

” Thank you for all your help. I enjoyed every bit of tuition I had from you and even better passing first time. Thanks a million.”

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